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Props South Procurement Tools

PAL: (P)ropssouth (A)ctions (L)og

     PAL is our Real Time log that is posted to our cloud server that contains all the steps we are taking to complete the solution you are looking for.  It contains information such as: when we received your request, what is the status, when we expect to have it available, when and how it is expected to be shipped, when it was been shipped, what carrier was used, when you should receive it, etc.  It is updated when pertinent information is available.  
     You can also share the information with anyone else in your organization as needed.  PAL can also send you email reminders for any mission critical information you need to know that has been posted to the log.  
     To take advantage of PAL and save countless hours, you can also email or fax your complete list of what is needed and we will update PAL, and then send you an email when the update is complete.  You can then logon and begin monitoring the status information in real time as it unfolds… at your convenience.
      For a nominal fee, Props South can also customize PAL for your individual wants and needs.

GPSN:  (G)lobal (P)ropssouth (S)earch (N)etwork

    In addition to our own in-house inventory, our GPSN cloud server has a database of available props and accessories and we also have other multiple global network resources available where we can quickly find and secure what you need.

I Need Sourcing Tool:

Using our I Need form on our website, we can immediately get to work getting what you need from our existing local warehouses, GPSN servers, and our other available network resources.

PICMA:  (P)ropssouth (I)nteractive (C)reation (M)odel (A)pplications

   We have partners that can fabricate and create many hard to find props using metal fabrication, stamping, and machining. In addition, we have partners that specialize in wood, foam, PVC, aluminum, concrete, and Styrofoam creations and we also have access to the latest 3D printing technology creating solid objects of virtually any shape from a digital model or scanning the object with a 3D scanner.  We can duplicate many expensive and/or hard to find objects and create them for you.  We take care of everthing for you from start to finish.

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